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ya’ll be treating seungri like the village idiot but i would like to see you set up and manage multiple dance academies across the country, a cafe, have a degree, have a schedule that requires you to travel around all the time, be a tv presenter in a country where the…


When Seungri is finally well enough to return to the stage and he hears VIP chanting his name - LEE SEUNG HYUN! LEE SEUNG HYUN! - he’s going to stop and listen, looking around at all those familiar faces. He’s going to realize that VIP were with him through every step of his recovery and waited for his return with bated breath. He’ll be so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude, that it’ll bring tears to his eyes. Then he’ll probably turn around to hide it, but the hyongs will come around, probably patting his shoulder or his back to comfort him.

That moment is what I’m living for right now.

Get well soon, Seungri. But don’t rush it just to get back to VIP sooner! Take it easy, take it slow. You’ve got all the time in the world. VIP will wait for you.




I think I might have broken my finger reblogging this. 


He’s done and said some fucked up shit but this joke was on point.

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"#YOU'RE MAKING ME EMOTIONAL" lol I'm an emotional wreck lately. Sorry for spreading the disease.





First you tell me to go and watch the dome tour and i get all sad seeing seungri and then i go on tumblr and see your post otl

i miss seungri a lot…bigbang performance isn’t the same without him :(

I’m sorry, I didn’t know!! I hadn’t watched the dome tour DVD until now. I’m still only like 45 minutes in and there have been multiple tears. OTL

Man, don’t even talk to me about Big Bang performances without Seungri. I can’t think about it. I was talking to kdragonkwon about Seungri and his medical issues the other day. We are both super seriously worried. Worrying about this kid takes up a large chunk of my day. :|

I’ve been worry about him since the beginning of this whole ordeal. Everyone keeps telling me its okay and that’s he fine, and I believe it but this part of me just have a really bad feeling and I’ve been scared this entire time. The latest update says he’s feeling better and thank god for that…but i’m getting tired to people around him saying he’s fine and then for things to turn bad after so IDK

Idk I can’t make you feel better because I feel the same way. T^T The least I can do is accompany you in your worrying. OTL

I’m right there in this worry gang…

It’s got to the point now where I don’t trust anything that says he’s fine, I need to see he’s fine for myself and obviously I can’t do that. Seems like all I do these days is worry over Seungri.

The fact that I have seen more concern from non-VIP people I know than most of the actual VIPs I know (not generalising, I mean actual people I know not the fandom) is reaaaaally bothering me as well. And I’m talking about since it happened, when we were unsure on what was going on… I am really angry tbh, I’ve seen more concern when Jiyong has a cold from some of them.

Happy that some of y’all VIPs I talk to actually give a shit <3


Jiyong in London - airport
cr weibo, pic

London Heathrow

Or perhaps, the sky

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Where in the world is Jiyong Sandiego?

I was telling kdragonkwon that GD was probably gonna bring Seungri back something stupid from Paris, and she’s like, “Isn’t he in London?” I was like, “IDK, is he? IDK where he is any more.” She told me to Google it and, well, apparently a lot of people want to know where he is, too. LOL


Where in the world is Jiyong Sandiego?

I was telling kdragonkwon that GD was probably gonna bring Seungri back something stupid from Paris, and she’s like, “Isn’t he in London?” I was like, “IDK, is he? IDK where he is any more.” She told me to Google it and, well, apparently a lot of people want to know where he is, too. LOL

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Name: KDK

Birth place: London, UK

Where Do I live: London, UK

Hair color: Black rn

Eye Color: Green

Birthday: June 14

Gender: Female

Lefty or Righty: Left handed

Single or taken: Single

Happy: Sometimes, not so much rn when I’m sick


Are you in love: Not unless my biases count

Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes

Have you ever broken someone’s heart: A few

Who ended your last relationship: I did

Are you afraid of commitments: Yep

Have you hugged someone within the last week: My friend

Have you ever had a secret admirer: Yes

Have you ever broken your own heart: Yep

Do you usually spend Valentine’s Day: My male friend and I like to go on a date together and talk loudly about serious and inappropriate topics until we clear the restaurant.

Short or long-term relationships: Ideally? Long. But I’m not sure I’m capable of it.


Love or lust: Love

Lemonade or iced tea: Iced tea

Cats or Dogs: I like both, but cats I guess

A few best friends or many regular friends: A few best friends. They’re what counts for me. Those that I could not see for years and pick up right where we left off, those are my best friends.

Television or internet: Internet obv. I can do anything I want on the internet.

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsiiiiiiiiii

Wild night out or romantic night in: Romantic night in, and by romantic I mean not that romantic lol

Day or night: Night, daytime sucks tbh. Night time more people are online, I can sleep if I want.

Text or Call: Text please, I’m so confused when people ring me

Make-up or au natural: Depends whether the question is ‘do you prefer your face with makeup’ or ‘do you usually wear makeup’? Because I don’t wear it as often as I’d like, it irritates my allergies and I’m pretty lazy and not human in the morning. But I like how I look in makeup.


Been caught sneaking out: No

Fallen down/up the stairs: Both

Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt: Yes

Prank called a store: No

Skipped school: Yes

Wanted to disappear: Yes

Spent all your money: Yes. Quite often on VIXX these days, I have VIXX debts to clear.

Met a celebrity: Quite a few

Been really ill: Yes

Gotten high: Yes


Smile or eyes: Both? The smile makes the eyes shine anyway if it’s genuine

Light or dark hair: Dark

Shorter or taller: I’ve never really worried about height

Hook-up or relationship: I prefer relationships, I like to know who is going near my body. I think hook ups are great if you can detach, I can’t really though.

Funny and poor or rich and serious: Funny and poor? I date a person, not their money

Mac or PC?: PC

Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick

City or country: City

Driving or walking: Walking pls

Books or movies: Books


Last phone call: My parents, checking to see if I’d died from sickness

Last song you listened to: Ae Song - Lexy

Last thing you ate: I finally ate solid foods today! I had some chicken

Last thing you drank: Pepsi

Last place you were: The hallway? Lol

Last kiss: My friend

Last picture taken: I don’t take pictures often… probably somewhere in Warsaw

Last outfit: Well I sat around in my t-shirt all day but since my friends came over I’m now wearing black jeans and a grey top, plus a scarf over my swollen throat

Last purchase: The chicken

Last text message: Not sure if this means to me or from me… last to me was ‘Hey gaylord, are you around and plague free in the next couple of weeks? xxxx’ and my reply was ‘Thurs or Fri next week? xxxxx’

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SNSD Heights


I have gotten a lot of requests about them. I am working on finding evidence. Post will be up soon-ish. ^^

One thing I can say now: they are tiny! 

Gurl - not the most informative but Jessica walked in front of us in heels at kcon and she was still shorter than me - I am around 5ft5. Nooooooo idea how big her heels were.

I’m at the airport. It’s 7am. I’ve been up since 5.30am. I have had an hour’s sleep.

Goddammit BTS you better be worth it.